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Lab 1 Question: - write a C program that asks user to enter students quiz scores, calculate the total score for each students and average for all. Due - try to submit your program today - officially due: 01/29/2019 12:00 pm. (before Tuesday noon) Note: - number of students: 1 through 5. That is, at least one student and up to 5 number of quizes: 8 through 10. That is, at least 8 quizes and up to 10 - quiz score range: 0 through 100 - when entering quiz scores, if user enters -1, that means the user has finished entering scores for that student you may choose to calculate and display total score for each student after finishing entering all quiz scores average for all: it is the average of total scores, not the average of quizes for that student; or do so after all students scores have been entered

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