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Question: lab description use nested loops to print out the box...

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Lab Description Use nested loops to print out the box pattern show below. Files Needed Box.java BoxRunner.java Sample Data: Sample Output ·キ algorithm help ·キキキ output loop that runs num times loop output += * ·キキキキ loop k ..キキ output += # ..キキキキ ·キキキキキ output \n +=import static java.lang.System.; public class Box private int size; public Box() size -0 public Box (int count) size -count; public void setsize (int count) size count; public int getsize) return size; public String toString() String output- return outputiimport java.util.Scanner; import static java.lang.System.* public class BoxRunner public static void main( String args) scanner sc-new Scanner (System.in) System.out.print(Enter the box size int s-sc.nextInt() Box bxnew Box(s); System.out.println (The box size is +bx.getSize() System.out.println() for(int i 1i<-bx.getsize)ii++) for (int kebx.getsize();k>-İ ; k--) System.out.print(* for (int j-1ij<-iij++) System.out.print( System.out.println(

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