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Lab-4-1 (1).docx [Compatibility Mode] -Word Sign inX File Home InsertDesign Layout References Mailings Review View Tell me what you want to do Share 1 The purpose of this assignment is to learn to use namespaces to mix elements from different vocabularies in a single XML document Suppose, that you keep track of your books in one XML document SCOLLECTION IIEM Statua1n> TITLE >The Adventure of Huckleberry くAUTHOR>Mark Twain</AUTHOR> Finn</TITLE > </ITEM> CITEM Statua=out> CTITLE>Leaves of Gras5</TITLE KAUTHOR Walt Whitman</NUIHOR> PRICE>S7.75/PRICE> KITEH IIEM Status-out> くTITLE>The Legend of Sleepy Hollow</TITLE> KAUTHOR>Washington Irving</AUTHOR> くPRICE>$ 2 95</PRICE> VITEH KIIEM Status-in くTITLE>The Marble Faun</TITLE> CAUTHOR> Nathanil Hawthornec/AUTHOR PRICE 10.95</RICE> </ITEM </COLLECIION> and that you keep track of your CDs in another XML document: SCOLLECTION くITEM> CTITLEWiolin Concerto in DK/TITLES <COMPOSER>Beethoven</COMPOSER PRICE>$14.9SPRICE K/ITEM> KTITLEWiolin Concertos Numbers <COMPOSER>Mozart</COMFOSER> くPRICE >S 16.49</PRICE> 1, 2, and 3</TITLE VITEH Now suppose you want to combine these documents into a single XML document that tracks both your collections. However if you merged those two XML documents, you would have a conflict because there are <COLLECTION> ITEM> 1TLE> <PRICE> Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Windows Page 1 of 2 246 words 100% 12-35 PM O Type here to search rP ︿ 40 1/24/2019

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