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Lamonda Corp. uses a job order cost system. On Aprhe accounts had balances as shown in the T-accounts below The following transactions occurred during April (a) Purchased materials on account at a cost of $231,970 (b) Requisitioned materials at a cost of $110,500, of which $15,100 was for general factory use. (c) Recorded factory labor of $223,800, of which $42,475 was indirect (d) Incurred other costs $34,700 24,000 51,650 11,400 19,300 Factory rert Factory depreciation (e) Applied overhead at a rate equal to 141 percent of direct labor cost 0 Completed jobs costing $262,050 (g) Sold jobs costing $324,670 (h) Recorded sales revenue of $518,000
Beg Bal End Bal 0.00 3-a. Compute over- or underappied manufacturing overhead. (Round your answer to 2 decimal places) 3-b. It the balance in the Manufacturing Overhead account is closed directly to Cost of Goods Sold, will Cost of Goods Sold increase or decrease? Decrease
4. Prepare Lamondas cost of goods manufactured report for April. (Round your answers to 2 decimal places.) LAMONDA CORP Cost of Goods Manufactured Report For the Month of April Direct Materials Used Total Current Manufacturing Costs $0.00 Cost of Goods Manufactured
5. Prepare decimal places.) Lamondas April Income statement, Include any adjustmen t to Cost of Goods Sold needed to dispose of over or underapplied manufacturing overhead. (Round your answers to 2 Income Statement For the Month of Cost of
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