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Question: language is java 1 create a class called arrayreview with...

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Language is Java

1. Create a class called ArrayReview with one data field of an integer array. (2 points)
2. Add a constructor to populate the array in the class using Java random number generator, and a
setter/getter for the array, and toString(). The array length is passed to the constructor. (3
3. Add the following methods to the class and use them in the main method: (5 points)
a. setKthItem(k, item) that set the kth element of the array to the value given in “item”.
b. pickMaxIndex(arr, start, end) that returns the index of the largest value of the array
from index start to index end.
c. Swap(arr, index-i, index-j) that swaps the value in index I with the value in index j.
d. selectionSort() that sorts the array in descending order, i.e. the largest one comes first
4. Popular a two-dimension array from an input file of 5 rows and 10 columns, sort each row and
sort each column, then print out the data to an output file. (5 points)
5. Create a main method to print the integer array after sorted using for-each state without using
(5 points)

Bonus: (5 points)
6. Create a swap method without temporary variable.
7. Implement an algorithm to figure out if someone has won a game of tic-tac-toe.

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