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Later in this course we will look deeper into how water and climate processes are affecting human societies, politics, and conflict. For now, we will use this recent opinion piece from the New York Times, Unplugging the Colorado Rivere, as a starting point to let you examine the factual background of an important debate; how to best manage a limited supply of water in the U.S south west Instructions The author of this piece questions the wisdom of managing the water in the Colorado river basin (a watershed you outlined in the previous module) the way it is currently done. To understand his argument it is important to also understand the climate and hydrology of the area. In your initial response to this discussion you should outline some basic physical circumstances that sets the stage for this Colorado River issue. While your narrative can only provide a partial background, it is one important piece to properly frame this debate Try to develop and provide a descriptive paragraph that presents what this watershed is like, climatic conditions, topography where its water comes from and where it ends up, how are processes of evaporation, runoff, and percolation playing into the overall picture? Feel free to add other factors that you feel are important and that we have touched on in the course so far. You are encouraged use map information from the course atlas in your description. Try not to involve the human dimension just yet well get there eventually, I promise! In your response posts you should 1) observe if your peers identified something different and possibly than you in their description and how that added to your understanding. 2) You should also comment on this article about the situation in the Nile river watershed and how it compares with the Colorado rivershed, If you want to further enrich your discussion you can look at these additional articles: article 2 d, article 3e Post your response posts by clicking Reply to at least two of your peers initial posts, type in your response, and dont forget to hit Post Reply
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