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(Lee, exercise 1A) State for every definition in Book I of Euclids Ele- ments, if it is descriptive or logical. (23 points) Descriptive def.: an intuitive description of a concept. Logical def.: a new object is introduced in terms of precise conditions.Dennition 17 A diameter of the circle is any straight e drawa through the ceter and teniated in both directios by the cireumfereace of the circle, and such a straigt lie also bisects the circle A semicircle is the figure contained by the diameter and the circumference cut off by it. And the center of the semicircle is the sume as that of the circle. Rectilinear figures are those which are contained by straight lines, trilateral figures being those contained by three, quadrilateral those coutained by four, and multilateral those contained by more than four straight lies Of trilateral figures, an eqmlateral rangle is that which has its three sides equal, anisosceles triangle that which has two of its sides alone equal, and a scalene triangle that which bas its three sides uneu Further, of trilateral ures a right gle tran gle ts that hich has a right angle, an obrtse ang ed trd gie that which as an ob use angle, and an ac e edringe at n hasts re angles a ut. of quadrilateral figures, a square is that which is both equilateral and right-angled; an oblong that which is right-angled but not equilateral: arhonbus that which is equilateral but not right-angled; and a rhombotd that which has its Delinition 18 Definition 12 Definition 20 Defintrion 21 Definition 22 opposite sides ad angles equal to one anolher bul is neilher equilateral nor rigll-angled. And lel quadrilalerals olher than hese be called trapezia. Derinition 23 Parallel straight lines are straight liues which, being in he same plane and bein roduced n de mel both drections. do rot шее1 oue another m either direction

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