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(Lee, exercise 1A) State for every definition in Book I of Euclids Ele- ments, if it is descriptive or logical. (23 points) Descriptive def.: an intuitive description of a concept. Logical def.: a new object is introduced in terms of precise conditions.When a straight line standing on a straight line makes the adjacent angles equal to one another, each of the equal angles is right, and the straight line standing on the other is called a perpendiculor to that on which it stands. Definition 11. An obruse angle is an angle grcater than a right anglc. Definition 12 An acute angle is an angle less than a rigt angle Definition 13. boundary is that which is an extremity of anything. A figure is that which is contained by any boundary or boundarics A cnele is a plane f gure contained by one line such that all the straight lines falling upon Definition 14 Definition 15 on one point an o12 those n within the ire e al one anoter And the point is called the center of the cirele

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