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Lesson 6-4B Direct and Inverse Variations Name Write an equation to represent each variation. Then solve that equation for a new value. Show your work! er of a square varies directly with the length of one side of the square. A square with a side length of 2 has a perimeter of 8. Find k, your variation constant. Write an ecquation to represent the problem in the form y kx. If the perimeter is 60, what is the side length? The cost of a photo varies directly with its area. A photo with an area of 40 square inches costs 60 cents. Find k, your variation constant. How much would a photo with an area ot 180 inches cost? 3. The amount of candy bars you can buy with $30 varies inversely with the cost of the candy bar. Write an equation representing the cost of each candy bar with x and the number of candy bars with y. Fill in the following chart Cost # of Candy Bars The length of a board is inversely proportional to the force needed to break it. A board that is 12 inches long takes 30 pounds of force to break it. How many pound of force is needed to break a board that is 15 inches long? How about one that is 20 inches long? 4.
The unit price of an item is the cost of the item over the weight or the count of theit simplify by dividing by the denominator em, a and n Example A 12 pack of soda has 144 ounces and costs $4.00. A 2-Liter of soda has about 34 ounces of soda and costs $1.30. Find the unit rate and circle the better deal for the consumer. Round answers to 3 decimal places. (You will need a calculator for this.) e pn 5. 5 apples for $7.00 or 8 apples for $9.00. 6. 10 pounds of flour for $2.70 or 25 pounds of flour for $7.00. 7. A dozen cookies for $1.00 or 50 cookies for $4.00. 8. 20 oz of coffee for $1.20 or 24 oz of coffee for $1.40
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