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Question: lets say there are 2 people tom and cody...

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Let's say there are 2 people - Tom and Cody, who are good friends. Tom enquired his friend, Cody to help repair the TV in his home. During their call, Cody asked Tom to pay him $500 as compensation for his service, and informed him that he can come over next week to repair. The phone line's connection was faulty and Tom only heard the part where Cody said he will come over next week. He completely missed the part about him mentioning the cost. Tom agreed over the phone.

Subsequently, Cody sends Tom an invoice over email. Tom glances through the email content briefly and replies "okay". 

Is there a binding contract between Cody and Tom with the above circumstances? 1) Faulty phone connection, 2) Tom briefly reading the email and replying ok


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