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X Quiz-Heart Question Bank Microsoft Word ings 12 1 NormalNo Spac... Heading 1 Heading 2 Title Subtitle S Font True False: Mark A for true, Mark B for false. 17 Papillary muscles are the primary pumping layer of the heart 18. Chordae tendineae are found in all heart valves 19. The heart relies on anaerobic respiration 20. During ventricular systole the AV valves are primarily closed 21. The bicuspid valve is found between the left atrium & the left ventricle 22. During atrial systole the SL valves are primarily closed 23. The T-wave represents the onset of ventricular repolarization. 24. The heart relaxes for the same amount of time that it contracts 25. All 4 valves in the heart cannot be closed at the same time under any circumstances. 26. The 1st branches of the aorta (not the arch) are the R & L Coronary Arteries 27. The 1st branch of the arch of the aorta is the Brachiocephalic Trunk (BCT) 28 Stroke volume is regulated primarily by the amount of blood in ventricles and secondarily, by the force of contraction.

letter answers only please

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