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2X.Quiz- Heart Question Bank-Microsoft Word ferences Mailings Review 12 A 1 Normal No Spac... Heading 1 Heading 2 Title Subtitle ont Paragraph Styles 9. Regarding Cardiac Output (CO) and its formula: a. The formula for Cardiac Output can be written as: CO SV x HR b. SV is the amount of blood pumped by the ventricles per contraction c. CO is regulated by the Pons d. All of the above are correct e. A& B are correct 10. during ventricular systole a SL valves are open /mostly open b. Atria must contract in order to move the blood into the ventricles c. AV valves are open /mostly open d. SL valves are closed /mostly closed e. All valves are open /mostly open 11. During which phase of the cardiac cycle would the blood move mostly due to gravity? a. Relaxation b ventricular systole c. Atrial Systole d. Must always be contracted to move e. Atrial & Ventricular Systole Matching: match selections to the letters. Each selection is used only once. 12. T-wave 13. S1 sound (LUBB) a Ventricular depolarization b. AV valves closing c. Atrial depolarization d. SL valves closing e. Ventricular repolarization 14. QRS 15. S2 sound (DUPP) 16. P-wave

letter answers please

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