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lf t.pdf (292 KB) Page1 o2 O assistance worldwide. With 350 employees, Brixia represents a range of skills and vocations including medical, legal, insurance, sales, marketing, IT, contact centre management and many languages. Brixia relies on a comprehensive worldwide network of Agents and Offices to provide assistance services anytime and anywhere. If necessary, an Agent can even provide personal, on-site assistance Brixia decided to conduct an analysis of critical successful factors related to their business, which, according to market analyses, resulted to be the following four: 24/7/365 worldwide assistance, the human face of insurance, access to a global network of distributors and convenience 24/7/365 worldwide assistance comprises rapid assistance (multilingual helpline) 24 hours a day,7 days a week, 365 days a year. The human face of insurance is determined by Assistance that led ethos, means that the wellbeing of their customers is paramount to them. The networks are equipped to tackle a wide range of situations and one phone call to assistance coordinators will activate the relevant network specialist. Access to a global network of distributors involves the representation in over 200 countries, a true global coverage combined with local understanding. Being part of a worldwide Group allows Brixia to provide assistance where and when it is nceded. The depth and breadth of the Group infrastructure means they are able to respond to major situations quickly and effectively. Convenience includes the opportunity for customers to save time, energy or frustration. Subsequently, they conducted an extensive research on a sample composed by their customers. These customers had to express their importance for those 4 factors and to express their judgment about the Brixia ability to guarantce them and compared to the ideal level of performance. Later, they conducted the same research within the firm: in particular, they
Files Brixia Case Hult.pdf t.pdf Hult.pdf (292 KB) Page of 2Co judgment about the Brixia ability to guarantee them and compared to the ideal level of performance. Later, they conducted the same research within the firm; in particular, they distributed a questionnaire to all managers and to a sample of employees belonging to different departments. They asked them to express their point of view about the 4 factors importance for their customers and how their firm planned to guarantee them. Finally, through a technical analysis of products offered by Brixia and its competitors, the real firm ability to guarantee those relevant factors for customer satisfaction was assessed. Table 1 shows the results of this research.
Factors perceived Performance Performance Performance Performance value for Customersfor Managers for Employees 236 24/71365 worldwide assistance The human | 30% face of insurance Global Network 21% 3,7 3,0 4,0 2,5 3,3 5,0 3,5 3,6 3,2 25% 3,8 5,0 4,5 3,.5 | |39814,0 111) Convenience | 24% 4.0 4.0 4.0 4,0 Brixia data are translated in a 0-5 scale, assuming equal 5 the performance of the best competitor. At this point, they needed to analyze those data to establish customer satisfaction management priorities. Please help Brixia managers in: 1. Identifying what are the main priorities in terms of customer satisfaction gaps and what are the specific causes of such gaps Providing some proposal of actions to be taken in order to improve customer satisfaction for Brixia. 2.
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