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Question: lia lee was the daughter of hmong refugees she started...

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Lia Lee was the daughter of Hmong refugees; she started having seizures at three months old. Lia’s parents were reluctant to give her medication because they believed her seizures indicated spiritual giftedness. Her American doctors did not understand Hmong shamanism culture or the traditional remedies that her family used. Lia’s parents spoke limited English, and the hospital had no Hmong interpreter on staff. The medical team was worried about Lia’s health, so they had her removed from her home and placed into foster care where health continued to deteriorate.

Read about Lia’s condition: https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/lennox-gastaut-syndrome

Write an explanation of this rare form of epilepsy that you could share with Lia’s parents. Your goal is to convince them to allow the doctors to treat Lia while also showing that your respect their culture and beliefs. Use first person point of view. For this exercise, you may assume the hospital has hired a translator.

The explanation does not have to be long just a paragraph or maybe two

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