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1) For each of the following linear systems of equations I. 2x, x 3 x,-4x2 = 4 3x, +2x-5 2x, + 3x2-6x3 x 3x2 + 2x 2 -x,-4x2 + 6x3 =-1 III. 5x1 + 7x2=-5 8x1-5x2 = 3 IV, 2 a. Identify corresponding linear algebra nomenclature (4x -b) b. Calculate the inverse of the coefficient matrix (4) for each system Calculate each by hand and check your results with an alternate hand calculation or alternatively through an suitable application such as Matlab, Excel, etc. Determine solutions (xi, X2, and x3) c. By hand calculations (Simple substitution AND linear algebra methods) -make sure to check your solution! For any 2x2 systems using MS-EXCEL graphically (Or any computer application or even paper method) i. ii.

Linear Algebra

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