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Consider the set S-{*,*,#). It contains just 3 elements, and has no ordering; {*,*,#}-{#,*,*} etc. (În fact the same is true for 11,2,3)- [2,3,1} etc, although we could make this an ordered set using 3 > 2 > 1.) (i) Invent a function with domain {*,*,#} and codomain R. (Re- member that the domain of a function is the set of all its allowed inputs and the codomain (or target space) is the set where the outputs can live. A function is specified by assigning exactly one codomain element to each element of the domain.) (ii) Choose an ordering on {*,*,#}, and then use it to write your function from part (i) as a triple of numbers. (iii) Choose a new ordering on {*,*,#} and then write your function from part (i) as a triple of numbers (iv) Your answers for parts (ii) and (iii) are different yet represent the same function - explainLinear Algebra Question.

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