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Lita Lopez started Biz Consulting, a new business, and completed the following transactions during its first year of operations. o. Lita Lopez invested $66,000 cash and office equipment valued at $30,000 in the company b. The company purchased an office suite for $44,000 cash. c. The company purchased office equipment for $5.700 cash. d. The company purchased $3,700 of office supplies and $1,400 of office equipment on credit e. The company paid a local newspaper $870 cash for printing an announcement of the offices opening. f. The company completed a financial plan for a client and billed that client $4,500 for the service g. The company designed a financial plan for another client and immediately collected a $8,500 cash fee h. Lita Lopez withdrew $1,500 cash from the company for personal use. i. The company received $3,500 cash as partial payment from the client described in transaction f j. The company made a partial payment of $700 cash on the equipment purchased in transaction d k. The company paid $2.500 cash for the office secretarys wages for this period Required 2. Enter the amount of each transaction on individual tems of the accounting equation. (Reductions in account balances should be indicated with a minus sign.) Assets Liabilities Equity Accounts Office Office Accounts L. Lopez, L. Lopez. -Withdrawals R CashReceivable SuppliesEquipment Office SuitePayable Capital a S 66,000 + 30,000 S 96,000 Bal 66,000 0,000(44000) 96,000 Bal 66,000 30,000(44.000) 96,000 < Prev 60f 6İİİ Ne arch
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