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Question: looking for help on how to prove 2a 2b...

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Looking for help on how to prove 2a, 2b

302 (instabilities) with respet to the following matel- la. 10 points) Find all the rogue couples (instabi ing , Shapley Propose-and-Reject Algorithm (with men proposing ered free man in each step) to find a stable matching. Propose- 1b. [15 pointsj Run the and choosing the lowest-numbered Show what happens at each step. 2. 125 points 2a. [12 points] Prove that throughout the exegution of th 2b. 13 pointsl Suppose t e Propose- and-Reject Algorith hat in some instance of the Stable Matching problem, all men havwe the same favorite woman w. Prove that in every stable matching, this be paired with her favorite man. Use proof by contradiction. (Hint Thi just about the concept of stable matchings, and has nothing to do and-Reject algorithm, so if your proof mentions proposals t track.) ve Dv with the Propose- rong hen you are on the w 3 30 points. A Java program appears on pages 3-4 The code is also available on elern) Translate this as literally as possible into Python 3 (and reasonably following the PEP 8 st guidelines) yle 4. [20 points] (on next page)
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