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lowing is an excerpt from 23. The Toronto Star this weekend ran a story on a flu vaccine last weekend. The fol that story wath federal officiols declaring Friday that Conada is in its second wave of the flu pandemic, a new poll reveals that almost half of Canadians do not pian to get the vaccine created to stop it per cent of those surveyed said they are not at all likely to roll up their sleeves, while 18 per cent said they are not very Wkely, according to a poll by Ipsos Reid for Conwest News Service and Global National While 48 per cent arent keen to get the comvincing, and soid they are very likely to get the vaccine that was approved Wednesday. Fifteen per cent shot, 51 per cent are leaning toward it. Thirty-six per cent need little said they were somewhat likely to get it. Sketch a graph that effectively and accurately illustrates the results in the story. (4 marks) The end-last page
22. Smoking rates for adult males in North American countries are shown below: Canada 22% United States 24.1% Mexico 35.9% North American Smoking Rates (male) a) The pie chart is not the best way to illustrate this data, why not? (2 marks) b) Sketch a graph that could effectively illustrate this data better. (3 marks)
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