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  1. Make a list of the foods that you eat in one day. (Pick a typical day.) Using published nutrition information (printed on the packaging, say) look up the calories, carbohy- drate, fat, and protein amounts for each item and produce rough totals for each cate- gory. Present your findings in a table similar to the one shown below, and identify the foods that accounted for most of that day’s calories and protein.

    a) On that day did you eat high or low on the food chain? (From what tropic level did most of your food come from?) [1 Mark]

Food Item


Carbohydrates (g)

Fat (g)

Protein (g)






b) How does your one-day intake compare to current recommendations? (Be sure to

provide references for your sources.) [1 Mark]
c) Reflect on your food consumption habits and describe what changes you would

be prepared to make and how they might be ecologically beneficial. [

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