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Question: make a main file that will be able to run...

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#itndet PERSON H #detine PERSONH - 5 #include <iostream» 6 include ccatdint 7nclude string 8 class person { private: std:istring name aint32 t age: public: Person O Person(std::string namePar, nint32 t agePaz) const std::string sgetNane ) void setName Iconst std:istring sname) uint32 t getage : void setAgeくuint32_t age); 14 triend std: :ostreami operator<cstd: :ostream sos, const Pezson sp) #endar

#include person h 3 sing nanespace std: const string &Ferson::getName 0 return nane: void Pexson: :setName iconst string name) Personrname nane 10 aint32 t Person: :gejage return age: 12 13 void Person: : setAge (aint32t age) I - Pezson::ageage Peraon::Person Person::Peraon std:istring naneFar, aint32 t ageraz) 16 20 21 age agePaz ostreams operatorclostreams os, const Person p) 24 oa amr.nane return oa n Age: P.ae <cendi

make a main file that will be able to run this class and show all the information that is being stored

Also please explain what each line is doing in the pictures

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