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Mr. Raja i He works as a senior officer at National Audit Department, Putrajaya since year 1990. He received RM8,200 per month as salary and RM300 for the monthly entertainment allowance. He retired on 31 August 2018, when his age is 55 years old. ii. During his period of working with government, Mr. Raja has been provided with the following benefits: a. A fully- furnished house with monthly rental of RM2,100 of which RM480 is for furnishings. The furnished house was provided to Mr. Raja since year 2010 b. Medical cost of RM8,700 for her sons treatment in Hospital Serdang. iii. He has been paid a gratuity amounting to RM200,000 upon his retirement. iv. On September 2018, he was employed as senior manager by an audit firm, PriceWaterhouseCooper (PwC) in Kuala Lumpur. His gross salary is RM10,340 per month. He is also entitled to a travelling allowance of RM100 per month Additional information: i. Both Mrs. Kumari and Mr. Raja purchased books and magazines worth RM1,600 and RM790 respectively Type of policy Life Insurance for Mr Raja Premium paid per annum 3,800 ii. Mr. Raja donated cash of RM800 to the National Library, an approved institution Required: a) Compute the income tax payable for the year of assessment 2018 for (i) Mr. Raja

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