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Manage your GEICO account online: Make a payment Make policy changes and request proof of insurance Report a claim, and much more... Log on to geico.com today 34. Because of the Canadas cattle industry was able to demand $300 million from U.S. taxpayers for banning Canadian beef after mad cow disease was found in Canadian cattle. p. NAFTA q. Montreal Protocol r. UNEP s. WTO 35. The term environment includes: Living things, such as animals and plants a. b. c. d. Non-living things, such as rivers and soil Buildings and cities All of the above are included in this term 36. A Neo-Malthusian would say that predicted massive human starvation has not yet occurred because: Enough people are dying from war and conflict c. Diseases have been eradicated a. b. Agriculture has postponed massive starvation d. People are too dumb to limit their population growth 37. Which of the following is correct about the term environmentalism a. It involves pursuing knowledge to understand the natural world. b. It is a social movement to protect the environment. c. It usually does not include advocacy for the environment. d. It requires trying to remain objective
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