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Management in Action CONTROL SYSTEMS AT FACEBOOK Controlling performance at Facebook takes many forms. One is Mark Zuckerbergs creation of new partnerships with third-party companies like Nielsen and comScore to ensure that his company reports accurate data about users responses to advertising, such as the average time they spend looking at videos. These data helps advertisers decide where and how to spend their ad dollars, based on the ads measured effectiveness. Some data reported in the fall of 2016 were inaccurate, and advertisers have asked Facebook to be more accountable Another means of control is Facebooks new partnerships with outside fact checkers, who are empowered to flag questionable stories as disputed to alert readers to possible hoaxes and false reports. This move is in response to charges that Facebooks hands-off editorial policy allowed fake news stories to go viral during the 2016 presidential campaign. The company also promotes greater media literacy with its new Journalism Project, which, among other goals, offers both practical and ethical advice for eyewitnesses uploading breaking news and videos Zuckerberg also is betting on artificial intelligence (Al) to help Facebook filter content users dont want to see. Im really focused on making sure that our company gets faster at taking the bad stuff down, Zuckerberg said. The best thing we can do is create Al systems that watch a video and understand that its problematic and not show it to people.56 Mark Zuckerbergs original vision of Facebook was an interactive message board to help his Harvard classmates keep in touch with each other. Do you think he had to consider many control mechanisms at that time? Why does the site need them now? What other aspects of Facebooks performance probably have control mechanisms in place?

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