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Manel lc the malker of Barbie Doills, came up with s new toy called Rambo Barbie n Carada Since no other toy company has such toys, Mattel Inc. is the monopolist inthe maket. The inverse demand for Rambo Bates is Canda is gnes by P- Total Cost of prodacing O units of Rambo Barbies is TC-20+100. After sensational sales of Rambo Barbies in the Canadian market, Mattel, Inc. decides to sell the toys in the US market as well After a carefil study of the US.ty mariet the compuny learned that the inverse demand in the U.S.market is P-30-30 the company is charging the same price in both markets What i the optimal 0* (Quantity sold in Canadaj? (a) 3.5 (b) 3.75 (c) 5512 (4) 506 (e) None of the above 20. Cminued hom#21 ) TheCEO0f Manci, Inc has adaughter who took Economics 2151B Kings She soggests to her mother trat the company would be able to cars moe peofe id s the two ฒ¡as Following her daughters saganton, the CEO decide s dharge different prices in the two markets. However, an snexpected war in Middle East -the crude o production todrup, hence limitingthe-ofplatic-al I soy. As a resuilt, the company can only make 5 Rambo Barbies this year. What is the ogtimal 0(Oantity sold in Canada)? (Use the two demand functions and MC from #21) (a) 5 (b) 103 (c) 25 (4) 17.5 (e) None of the above Mathew is a mosopolist in the Londons toy car market. He has two plants in whic he produces toy cars. Plant I has the marginal cost of MCs 10, and plant 2 has the marginal oost of MC 5 O Suppose the profit maximizing total quantity is O 50. What is the optimal Qr (Quantity produced in plant 2 (a) s dh) 25 (c) 45 (4) 50 (s) None of the ahove
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