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Manufacturing processes 2
AMMAN-JORDAN ace milling operation is performed to finisth the rface of a steel nectanguliar workgiece 14.0 inl 5.0 in wide toeth (ementied carbide inserts) and a 4.0 in diameter. Cut ditions are: v- 600 ft/min, f-0010 in hoodh, and d-0150 in. Detemmine the folliowing The milling outter has four The time to make one pass across the surface 9.43 min The metal removal rate during the cut 10.3 in/min b 0858 inn2743im 20.5 min 1.7 mi d. 0.78 min C. d229 inmin rilling operation is to be performed with a 25.4 m dameter twist drill in a steel workpart. The hole i d-hole at a depth #45 mm, and the point angle«IIP.Gmingonitions are speed 30mmm,feo mm/rev. Determine the following The cutting time to complete the drilling operation 6.99 min The metal removal rate during the operation, after the drill bit reaches full diameter. b. 0.699 min c 41.99 min d 4.199 min 119584 mm/min b. 119.584 mm/min c 38.0993lmin d 38099.3 mm/min
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