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marginal cost. The demand and supply functions for a certain commodity are D(p) -85-5p and s(p) = 2p2-17. 1) Find the equilibrium point Elp).Graph the supply equation, and the demand equatic and the equilibrium point in the same coordinate system. 2) For a specified price po =4.00 €/kg . is there an excess supply or excess demand? Calcu an amount, show this in the graph. 3) Calculate R(10). 4) Find EDp). Calculate ED(10), give interpretation. aluate each of the following limits: 1) lim 2) lim 3r+5x-2 3x2 +4x-4 2x+4 the derivative of the function: y-32x . Vİ0+ 2x-x2 pose that a firms total profit function is P(x, y) 2xy+2y+12-(2x2 +y2), e r is amount of producion andsales of the first produet and y-of the second produsct Find all first and second order partial derivatives. Find values of x and y that maximize the profit. Find the maximum profit. ousand euros is spend on labor and y thousand euros is spend on equipment, the outp factory will be Q)02.If 8 thousand euros is available, how should th d between labor and equipment to generate the largest possible output? What is the est possible output?
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