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Question: market price for product a is 248 amp market price...

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Market Price for Product A is $24.8 & Market Price for Product B is $58
your intermediate calculations and OH rate and cost per unit answers to 2 decimal places) amounts should be indicated with a minus sign. Round Loss Number of units produced Direct labor cost ( $25 per DLH) Direct materials cost 12,500 units 8.16 DLH per unit .23 DLH per unit $ 1.68 per unit 1,800 units $ 2.30 per unit rhead cos s 78,532 52,080 89, 980 $212,432 Machine setup Materials handling Required product for assigning overhead costs, determine the total production cost per unit for each Using direct labor hours as the basis OH Ceat Units Produced Total Overhead Cost Plantwide OH rate ctivity Driver Overhead Assigned Product B Product A



Direct Materials per unit Overhead per unit cost per unit 4.2 Should this In No

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