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Masters level course- need all work with answers
9. Amanda Shannon operates a bakery in Braintree, Massachusetts Because of its excellent product and location, demand has increased by 18% in the last year. This has created a problem in that customers have not been able to purchase the bread of their choice. Due to the size of the store, no new ovens can be added. During a staff meeting, an employee has suggested ways to load the ovens differently so that more loaves of bread can be baked at a time. This new process wil require that the ovens be loaded by hand. This will require additional employees. If the bakery had been making 1,800 loaves per month with a labor productivity of 2.622 loaves per labor-hour, how many workers will Amanda need to add if each bakery employee works 160 hours per month? 10. Refer to the previous problem for data. Assume that the pay will be $8.00 per hour for employees. Amanda Shannon can also improve the yield by purchasing a new blender. The new blender will mean an increase in her investment. This added investment has a cost of $50 per month, but she will achieve the same output (i.e., an increase to 2,124 loaves) as the change in labor-hours. Which is the better decision? a) Show the productivity change, in loaves per dollar, with an increase in labor costs from 686.50 to 810.7) b) Illustrate the productivity changes, in loaves per dollar, with only an increase in investment ($100 per month more) c) Show the percent productivity changes for labor and investment 11. Refer to the two previous problems for data. If Amanda Shannon utility cost remain constant at $400 per month, labor at $8.00 per hour, and cost of ingredients at $0.35 per loaf, but Amanda does not purchase the blender as suggested, what will be the productivity of the bakery? What will be the percent of increase or decrease?
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