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MAT 182-50 Precalculus for Business & Social Science Due: Tuesday, February 5, 2019 Five points will be deducted for each calendar day that it is late. Application of the Quadratic Function: Profit for many manufacturing companies is often modeled by a parabolic function. There is a point at which the company will attain maximum profit by producing a specific amount of product. This is often determined through marketing and sales data. Problem: A manufacturing company produces a profit that is defined by the following function P(x)-2x2 +140x-3375 where x represents the number of units sold. Based on this function, answer the following questions. Your answers should be s e elear and concise using proper mathematical terms. vertex 1. What profit does the company make if they sell 100 units? 2. What is the maximum profit the company will make? ow many units do thfihe funetion based on (he ap plication?-nor real numbers 5. On graph paper, draw the graph of the function. Label the x-axis and y-axis 6. Does the graph open up or down? Why? Does this make sense in the context 7. Calculate the discriminant. Is the value for the discriminant what you and vertex according to the problem. of the problem? expected? Why or why not? (hint: remember what the discriminant tells you about the graph of a quadratic) 8. How many units does the company need to sell in order to make a minimum profit of 16,625? (hint: solve the inequality 16, 625 <-2x2 + 140-3375 ) If you would like to see this graph on your calculator, set your window to Xmin -1000 Xmax 1000 Xscl Y min -30,000 Ymax 30,000 Y sel 10,000 100

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