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Question: match each part of the cell to the correct function...

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Match each part of the cell to the correct function. Each function may be used once, more than once or not at all. A. photosynthesis B. protein modification C. form a barrier; control what can enter the cel D. lipid synthesis E. required for cell motility; also moves chromosomes around during cell division F. transcription G. storage H. various roles including breakdown (oxidation) of long-chain fatty acids and H202 stroma DNA peroxisome golgi complex cytoplasm helps proteins get to their correct destination J. does not match K. where DNA is located; serves as a control center L. translation M. extracellular matrix N. helps some cells slip away when attacked by the immune system O. allow plant cells to communicate with one another P break down glucose in order to form ATP Q. provides instructions, like a blueprint, to let the cell know which proteins to make R. site of most chemical reactions and cellular processes S. breakdown/ recycling of food molecules T. maintain turgor pressure; provide support and structure ysosomes (AKA cell membrane) smooth endoplasmic reticulum ribosomes mitochondrion surrounds the cell membrane of animals

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