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Question: match each term with the correct definition a an institution...

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Match each term with the correct definition a. An institution that brings buyers and sellers together: Click to select b. The right of private persons and firms to obtain, control, employ, dispose of, and bequeath land, capital, and other property to s c. The presence in a market of independent buyers and sellers who compete with one another and who are free to enter and exit the market as they each see fit: Clicktoseleen--: d. The freedom of firms to obtain economic resources, decide what products to produce with those resources, and sell those products in markets of their choice: Click to select) e. What each individual or firm believes is best for itself and seeks to obtain: Cick to select) f Economic transactions willingly undertaken by both the buyer and the seller because each feels that the transaction will make him or her better off: (Click to select) g. The freedom of resource owners to dispose of their resources as they think best; of workers to enter any line of work for which they are qualified; and of consumers to spend their incomes in whatever way they feel is most appropriate:(lick to selct
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