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Question: matching 6 a widely held but mistaken belief ...

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_____ 6. A widely held but mistaken belief

_____ 7. Mortgage loans where the interest rate is adjusted periodically

_____ 8. First charge card in the United States

_____ 9. A tax on the poor and people who can’t do math

_____ 10. The debt snowball

_____ 11. Most expensive way to finance a new car

_____ 12. Using equity in a home as collateral when borrowing money

_____ 13. Combining separate debt payments into one single payment

_____ 14. A product aggressively marketed to consumers

_____ 15. A drop in the value of property

a. Debt

b. ARM

c. Baby Step 2

d. Diners Club

e. Home Equity Loan

f. Depreciation

g. Visa

h. Mortgage

i. Myth

j. Lottery

k. Leasing

l. Consolidation

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