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MATCHING· Choose the item in column 2 that best matches each item in column 1. Match the following 19) Help prevent molecules from passing A) Desmosomes B) Gap junctions C) Tight junctions through the extracellular space between adjacent cells 20) Communicating junction between adjacent cells with low electric resistance. 21) Abundant in tissues subjected to great 21 mechanical stress. MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 22) When does DNA replication take place? (pha B) before a cell starts to divide A) during mitosis C) during cytokinesis D) continuously during the whole cell cycle 23) Some anti-cancer chemotherapy agents interfere with microtubules. How do they work? 23) A) They inhibit telophase B) They inhibit the mitotic spindle and prevent cell division (-mitosis) C) They inhibit the interphase D) They inhibit DNA replication 24) Subcellular organelle that functions in detoxification of drugs and other toxic substances 24) A) the smooth endoplasmic reticulunm C) the nucleus B) the rough endoplasmic reticulum D) the cytoskeleton 25) Once solid material is introduced into the cell and taken into an intracellular vacuole, which of the 25) following statements best describes what happens? A) A ribosome enters the vacuole and uses the amino acids in the invader to form new protein B) A lysosome combines with the vacuole and digests the enclosed solid material. C) The vacuole remains separated from the cytoplasm and the solid material persists unchanged. D) Nitrogen enters the vacuole and burns the enclosed solid material. 26) The DNA-containing control center for cellular operations is the 26) A) Golgi apparatus C) endoplasmic reticulum B) nucleus D) ribosomes 27) What maintains the cell shape, anchors the organelles in place, and moves organelles of the cell? 27) A) Mitochondria C) Cilia B) Golgi apparatus D) Cytoskeleton
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