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2) X ylene, styrene, toluene and benzene are to be separated using three distillation columns as shown on the following page. The feed flow is 1000 kg-mole/sec with the initial composition given. (a) For material balances around each column and also a material balance considering all columns together determine appropriate matrix algebra descriptions, e.g. Ax-b based on component balances (b) Solve an appropriate linear algebra description by calculating an inverse matrix in order to determine the unknown flowrates Dı, Bi, D2 and B2. Note: Your solution should be done by hand and may also be confirmed using other (computational) tools, eg. Matlab, Excel, or another application. (c) Determine mo lar flowr rates and compositions of streams D and B. l of 2

Di 7%Xylene 4 % Styrene 54 % Toluene 35 % Benzene 18 % Xylene 24 % Styrene 15 % Xylene 25 % Styrene 40 % Toluene 20 % Benzene 42 % Toluene B, 16%Benzene 15 % Xylene 10 % Styrene 54 % Toluene 21 % Benzene D2 Feed Flow 1000 kg-mol/sec 24 % Xylene 65 % Styrene 10 % Toluene B: 1 % Benzene

Material balances

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