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Sequence to SQRT(2) (for loop and vector generation) M 0 solutions submitted (max: Unlimited) Consider the sequence 1,3, 17, 2 12 defined by rı = 1,r.--(rk-1 +-) for k = 2, 3, 4, , N k-1 The sequence converges on the square root of 2 as N increases. Write a function that accepts a single scalar input N and returns the following two outputs 1. a row vector containing the first Nterms of the sequence 2 a scalar variable that is the relative error, epsilon, between the last term in the sequence and sqrt(2) given by the formula V2 #FUNC Your Function Reset MATLAB Documentation function [terms, rel error] -student_solution(N) enter the conmands from your function here. You can change the names, but not the order, of the input and/or output arguments in the function command above to match the variables ir 5 endMatlab Grader question.

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