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Question: matlab program please learning goal interpret the solution of a...

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Learning goal: Interpret the solution of a linear system in terms of an application problem.

Now suppose we add weight to the truck parked at node 9 in increments of 0:1, starting with the

weight W9 = 13 000 and increasing to some large weight until the bridge collapses. Each beam

can withstand 20 000 Newtons of tensile or compressive force (positive or negative). Therefore the

bridge will collapse when any one force Fj is larger than 20 000 in magnitude, or equivalently when

the maximum of the absolute values of all forces is greater than or equal to 20 000.

Use a loop to iterate through the weights W9 = 13000:0; 13000:1; 13000:2; : : : and so on. Solve the

system Ax = b repeatedly for the forces within the bridge, until the force on at least one of the

beams exceeds the breaking point. Use the LU decomposition that you calculated in the previous

problem to solve the system Ax = b eciently; if you forget to do this your code may take longer

to run.

I need help coding with an iterate loop. In previous problems, I defined the variables A and b in Ax = b. x is essentially the F values. Please show me how to code iterates when W9 increases. I know I did not include the necessary number values, just need to know how to do this conceptually and "theoretical values"

Thank you

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