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Question: matlab solve the following ode...

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Solve the following ODE:

Solve the following ODE: dy y-5e-t sin(5t) with y(0)-1 and t between 0 and 3 (inclusive) using the Euler, Heun and midpoint methods. Create a 1-by- 3 subplot arrangement where each subplot contains the solutions of the 3 methods for h-0.5 (first subplot), h-0.2 (second subplot) and h-0.01 (third subplot). In addition, each subplot should plot the analytical solution of y- et cos(5t) using a step size of 0.001 and a line thickness of 3. Remember to include a legend for each subplot. Use fprintf to display the step size, the midpoint method solution for t-3 and the absolute difference between the midpoint method and the analytical solution at t 3. The table should look similar to the following. Y(3) Step size 0.5 0.2 0.01 Absolute difference

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