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Question: matlab this should be the output...

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4. [5 points Perform binary thresholding on the original normalized grayscale image C. A threshold 0.3 is chosen and all values in C greater than or equal to the threshold are set to 1, otherwise set to 0 Find two efficient solutions to obtain the thresholded binary image and save it in bw1 and bw2. Both solutions should not use any loop structure, should not call Matlab built-in function im2bw, and should be distinct in nature. Use the Matlab built-in function im2bw to do the same task and save its thresholded binary image in bw3 Compare your results bw1 and bw2 with the Matlabs result bw3. If they are equal, display the message My two methods worked; otherwise, display the message One of my two methods or both did not work. Of course, the first message should be displayed when running the program Display bwl, bw2, and bw3 side-by-side on figure 5 and label the three images with my first method, my second method, and Matlab method, respectively Matlab Hint: find, >=, zeros, ones, &, &&

This should be the output:

Figure 5 File Edit View Insert Tools Desktop Window Help mentat ge P hile t my first me my second method Matlab method 0 tle tle tle um: or roc

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