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Question: matlab way a paper cup shaped as a frustum of...

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A paper cup shaped as a frustum of cone with 𝑅2=1.4𝑅1 is designed to have a volume of 25 π‘π‘š3. Determine 𝑅1, 𝑅2 and the surface area, S, of the paper for cups with a height, h, of 10 π‘π‘š. The volume of the cup, 𝑉, and the surface area of the paper are given by:

  1. 𝑉 = 1 πœ‹h(𝑅2 + 𝑅2 + 𝑅 𝑅 )31212

    𝑆 = πœ‹(𝑅 + 𝑅 ) √(𝑅 βˆ’ 𝑅 )2 + h2 + πœ‹π‘…21221 1

    The program should ask the user to input the value for the height and display the result in the following format (two fprintf statements are needed, with a line break):

    The frustum of the cone with volume XXXX cubic centimeters
    Has radii values of R1 and R2 equal to XXX.XX and XXX.XX, respectively. Also, the surface area is XXX squared centimeters.


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