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2. Residents in City X tend to read Newspaper A or Newspaper B, or not read any newspaper at all. Statistics shows that, after a year . For people reading newspaper A, 30% of them will switch to reading newspaper B and For people reading newspaper B, 20% of them will switch to reading newspaper A and . For people not reading newspaper, 20% will switch to reading newspaper A and 10% to 10% to not reading newspaper 10% to not reading newspaper. reading newspaper B. The current percentage of residents reading Newspaper A, Newspaper B, and not reading any newspaper are 40%, 50% and 10%, respectively. By hand calculation, what are the percentages of readership after 1 year? Then calculate the expected percentages of readership after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years (you may use any computational software). Do the percentages tend to steady state values? matrix

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