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Complete the following assignment and submit your work to the dropbox. Before you upload your file, ensure your name appears on the top of every page of your document 1. A renovation company donates 80m of fence to a day-care center to build a rectanguiar play area for the children Determine the dimension of thep that would produce the largest possible area? (Assume that the fence can be cut to suit measurements) ldren. Determine the dimension of the play area 2. A lifeguard has been given 500m of rope to enclose a rectangular swim area designated for toddlers and children. The swimming area will be accessed from the beach, therefore only three sides must be roped in. Determine the dimensions of the rectangle that would maximize the swimming area 3 Suppose you have 50 sections of fence to enclose a rectangular picnic area Each piece of fence is 1 m long and cannot be cut Calculate the maximum area for the picnic area using the entire fence 347 AM 25/2019 OType here to search

Maximum Area for a Given perimeter

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