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Question: may distinguishable ways could the women sit in seven chairs...

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ma,y distinguishable ways could the women sit in seven chairs if only the color of the considered? two were blondes, and two were brunettes, H I. Three women were redheads, cost a total of $1000. If 5 men refused to honor their commitment, how much each of the other men have to pay? 2. M men pledged to contribute equally to the purchase of playground equipment more did 3. Ares had /h hours of homework to do, but he just worked w hours. What fractional part of his homework remains? old as her son. If she is half as old as her father, her father e woman is 3 times as how many times older than her son? 4. Th 1s 5. Three times the lesser of two numbers equals 2 times the greater. If the sum of the 6. Ifx is an even number, what is the quotient of the next greater even number divided by 7. A six-sided regular polygon is inscribed in a circle whose radius is 6 inches. Find the area 8. The length of a side of an 8-sided regular polygon is 10 centimeters. Find the area of the numbers is 70, what are the two numbers? the next greater odd number? of the polygon. polygon. Two 12-sided polygons are similar. A side of the larger polygon is 9 times as long as the corresponding side of the smaller polygon. What is the ratio of the area of the smaller polygon to the area of the larger polygon? .
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