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MCB3023 Spring <Ch 01 HW Item 1 Source: Earle, KA, et al. 2015. Quantitative imaging of gut microblota spatial organization. Cell Host &Microbe 18: 478-438 Part A-The Importance or Microbes in the Biosphere Based on your understanding of the chapter material and the information in the passage, which of the following correctly describe w Select all that apply ▼ View Available Hints) Microbes affect agricultural productivity Microbial cells are more abundant than human cells within the human body Microbes have primarily negative effects on humans Microbes represent only a small amount of the total biomass on Earth, despite their high numbers 3 Microbes affect oxygen availability in different habitats, both raisingl nd lowering concentrations Submit Microbes are so abundant that they have important effects on all other living things. These include ways in which they can be both helpful and h Part B-Helpfui and Harmful Roles of Microbes Drag the choices below to indicate whether each represents a genuine helpful or harmful role of microbes in human society Drag and drop the items into the appropriate bins. > View Available Hint(s) DELL
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