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MDM4U Do all questions. Show your work. In class assignment. There are 10 questions. 1. From a standard deck, What is the odds against drawing (A) a face card. (B) two face cards. 1.What is the probabilty that 2 or more students from a class of 24 will have the same birthday? 2. A lottery awards a prize and sells 5.4 million tickets. Determine the probability of winning if you buy (A) 1 ticket, (B) 10 tickets (C) 100 tickets. 4, Shy Toms friends assure him that if he asks wendy for a date, there is a 85% chance that she will say yes, I f there is a 60% chance that Tom will ask wendy, what are the odds that they will be together for a date 5. A standard deck of cards, 3 cards selected. What is the probability that the third card is either a red face or a king, if the king of diamond and the king of spades are selected in the first two cards 6. Determine the probability of drawing either a 5 or a black face from a deck of cards. Illustrate with a Venn diagram. 7. Five friends (3 girls and 2 boys) are randomly seated along a long table. What is the probabilty that (A) the three girls are seated in the middle (B) in order of age. 8. Consider a game of dice. If you roll an even number, you gain that many points, if you roll a odd number, you lose that many points. (A) Show the probability distribution. (8). What is the expected number of points (C) Is this a fair game. Why?
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