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ME 240 Survey of Manufacturing Processes Winter 2019 Homework #1 Please submit your homework in PDF form to D2L. The file should be labeled as Lastname_Firstname_HW_X.pdf, X is the homework number. For example: Doe John_HW_1.pdf. Xis the homework number. For example 1.24 Describe your understanding of why different crystal structures exhibit different strengths and 1.28 Do you think it might be important to know whether a raw material to be used in a manufacturing 1.31 What is the significance of the fact that such metals as lead and tin have a recrystallization 2.26 On the same scale for stress, the tensile true stress-true strain curve is higher than the ductilities process has anisotropic properties? What about anisotropy in the finished product? Explain. temperature that is about room temperature? engineering stress-engineering strain curve . Explain whether this condition also holds for a compression test. 248 In a Brinellhardness test, the resulting impression is found to be liptical. Give possible explanations for this result.
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