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ME 308: Machine Design II Problem # 4 (15 pts) The shaft shown in the figure is proposed as a preliminary design for the application defined in Prob. 3-72, p. 152. The effective centers of the gears for force transmission are shown. The dimensions for the bearing surfaces (indicated with cross markings) have been estimated. The shaft rotates at 1200 rev/min, and the desired bearing life is 15 kh with a 95 percent reliability in each bearing, assuming distribution data from manufacturer 2 in Table 1-6. Use an application factor of 1.2. a) Obtain a Basic Load Rating for a ball bearing at the right end b) Use an online bearing catalog to find a specific bearing that satisfies the needed Basic Load Rating and the geometry requirements. If necessary, indicate appropriate adjustments to the dimensions of the bearing surface. Solution: ME 308 Machine Design II Spring Semester 2018-2019 (182)
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