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ME 510 Spring 2019 Prerequisite Problems (work at least 3 of 4) Name: 3.) Given a 50 meter by 20 meter swimming pool that is filled to an average depth of 2 meters. A water treatment system is designed to re-circulate the pool water at a rate of twice each hour with a needed pump pressure rise of 250 kPa. Estimate the pipe size for a flow velocity of 5 m/s. Find the power for a 60% efficient pump. Pipe D- Given: The density of water is 1000 kg/m3 and the specific heat is 4.18 kJ/kg-K. m, Pump Ws swimming pool treatment system pump Extra: HINT for SSSF per unit mass is the pump pressure rise absolute or gauge? What if 4 pumps & 4 pipes were used in parallel? What if the treatment system is upstream of the pumps? use liquid properties ideal pump s 8t& Tz T v1/p constant 4.) An air-compressor steadily draws air from the atmosphere at 300 K and 100 kPa, and discharges at 600 K and 800 kPa. The exit pipe diameter is 0.10 m and the exit flow velocity is 20 m/s. Assume the compressor is insulated. Neglect changes in kinetic and potential energy Find the compressor mass flow, power & efficiency: m Given for air. k 1.4, R 0.287 ku/kg-K, cv 0.718 kJ/kg-K, op 1.005 kJkg-K kg/s, w, a kw. n.- 96. 2) (2s Q-0 HINT for SSSF per unit mass use ideal gas properties Wnout Wine Extra: Notice Q ~ 0 (adiabatic) and 100% efficiency (reversible) are different concepts! Are the changes in kinetic and potential energy really negligible? (not How do the compressor and pump analyses differ? 0 but almost) Partial Answers: 1a.) At t=8 seconds: b, At t-8 seconds: F2530 N, P = 137 kW, x = 108 m 144 m area under P vs. t-total work AKE, slope dV/dt- a, dx/dt V, area under V vs.t Ax 2.) On each of 2 hinge pins: Fx-300 N and F600 N upward note: 5 point loads show a 10% larger moment, and 10% higher chain force So the distirbuted load approximation is not very precise (but OK with more stacks). 3.) Actual pump power input 463 kW 4) Mass flowrate 073 kgs, actual power input = 220 kw. isentropic efficiency-81% Prerequisites for ME510 are Basic Thermodynamics (ME312) and Statics (CE/ME201).
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