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Measurement Lab Report

  1. Length Measurement

  1. What is the importance of the International System of Measurement?
  1. Based on lab, Section I, Exercise 1, how thick is a stack of ten dimes relative to a meter stick? Provide your answer in centimeters.
  1. What is the numeric relationship between millimeters, centimeters and decimeters?
  1. Metric Units

  1. The scientific notation for 2,600 is

  1. 500 centimeters equals             meters or _         millimeters.

  1. 2080 meters equals _          kilometers or _         decimeters.

  1. Volume Measurement
  1. Draw and name three laboratory apparatus used to measure volume. Sign, date and prepare an image of your drawing and include it with this lab report.

  1. A laboratory procedure requires a measurement of 0.5 ml of fluid to the nearest 1/10 ml. Which pipette should be used?

  1. Based on lab, Section III, Exercise 5 explain how to determine the volume of a marble.

  1. Mass Measurement

  1. What is the difference between weight and mass?

  1. 50 Kilograms equals            grams.

  1. Describe the procedure for determining the mass of a coin using a triple beam balance.

  1. In the lab, Section IV, Exercise 7 determine the mass of a beaker and complete the table below. Here is a hint: the sum of the masses of the three beams equals the total mass of the beaker.

Middle beam mass


Back beam mass


Front beam mass


Total mass


  1. Temperature Measurement

  1. Your friend’s temperature is 39.5°C. Does this indicate a problem?

  1. Convert 20°C to °F.

  1. If you measured the temperature of a glass of ice water with a Celsius thermometer, what would you estimate the temperature to be?

Summary Questions

  1. Record the basic unit of metric measurement of each of the following:





  1. Explain how the metric units for length, volume, and mass are related.

  1. What is the mass of 800 ml of water?

  1. Which metric units of length would most conveniently measure the following:




Dallas to San Diego

  1. An object is 24 cm long. What is the length in mm?

  1. What size pipette accurately measures 0.8 ml of fluid? Indicate the volume and accuracy of the pipette.

  1. In most countries, gasoline is measured in liters. The volume of one liter is approximately one quart. There are four quarts in one gallon. In Europe, gasoline costs $1.86/liter. How does this price compare with the cost of gasoline in the United States? Please show your work.
  1. Convert the following numbers to scientific notation.






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