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Question: mechanics question h5mm 40quot figure q1 as shown in...

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MECHANICS Question h=5mm อ 40 Figure Q1 As shown in Figure Ql, a layer of oil of thickness h, flows at a steady rate down a flat plate inclined atan angle θ to the horizontal. The air in contact with the free surface of the oil layer i at atmospheric pressure and the oil flow rate is such that the air exerts a negligible drag force on the oil. a) From the Navier-Stokes equation, show that for laminar flow of the oil the governing equation is d u where v is the kinematic viscosity of oil (8 marks) b) Hence show that the velocity distribution in the oil layer is (8 marks) c) For an oil with kinematic viscosity 8.0 x 10-5 m/s, calculate the flow rate of oil required per unit width of the plate to maintain an oil layer thickness of 6 marks) ) 5 mm when the plate is inclined at 400, and ) the maximum oil velocity in the layer under these conditions (3 marks) Total: 25 marks) This question paper consists of 4 questions on 6 printed pages.

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